The year is gone in a flash, and it's Christmas season again. Every year, Xirui Aviation School organizes a Christmas get-together at this festive time of transition between the old and the new. According to the different characteristics of employees and students, the school arranged two activities on December 21 and 24 respectively. On the 21st, the school's faculty and staff can participate with their families. This is also the tradition of Xirui Aviation School for many years. The party began in the afternoon, with the "reporter"'s exclusive interview with the flight instructor, and the subsequent singing and dancing let people see the colorful performances of the teachers who are rigorous in teaching on weekdays. The lottery is the most anticipated link, and the design of "see who laughs last" brings mystery to the final ownership of the prize. Luck opportunities together determine your expectations. The school specially ordered a Hawaiian-style dinner, which made everyone feel the warmth of summer on a cold winter day. Considering that all the students live in the dormitory, the school arranged the students' party on Christmas Eve on the 24th. The activity started with the afternoon China-South Korea basketball match and the group league, interspersed with different expansion games, so that the students can feel the value of friendship first and the importance of cooperation, unity and coordination while exercising outdoors. After dinner, all the students and some teachers gathered together to show their talents. South American teachers' cheerful dance performances, students' queue "exercises", impromptu "true feelings" confessions and high imitation call reappearance gradually brought the get-together to a climax. Similarly, the lottery is the most anticipated link. The school specially selected gifts with aviation signs to commemorate the first overseas Christmas as a pilot. Old songs such as "Looking Back", "The Story of time", and "Pearl of the Orient" sang the feelings and expectations of the young students for the future; the word-splitting game of "You Kun Alone, Ling Mo Jiang Xiao", It expresses the school's sincere message to young people on the road to dreams. Perhaps the sky was moved by the message of "accompanying the stars and the clouds". At this time, the sky and the bright moon showed an amazing rainbow! The outdoor bonfire is already booming, BBQ barbecue is in full swing, and everyone sits around the bonfire and talks in twos and threes. Suddenly, a faint harmonica sounded, warming the winter night and softening the heart, so that the thoughts of returning home should not be too long......

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With the end of the last training flight at 18:30 on December 31, 2018, in the crisp bell, xirui aviation college safely and smoothly completed the annual flight mission. From the re-certification of the Civil Aviation Administration of China at the beginning of the year to the final 10106.8 of flight hours, this embodies the joint efforts and dedication of the aviation school management, faculty, and students over the past year. Thank you everyone! This is a new chapter for Siri, a new starting point, and we are looking forward to next year.

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