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Being Together – Annual Party of 2018

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As a year flies away quickly, Christmas season is coming. Sierra Academy, as always, organizes the Christmas party at the alternation of the old and new, for all faculty, staff and student pilots respectively. Many activities are covered in both parties, such as singing, dancing, basketball match, lucky draw, BBQ etc. In the party for the faculty, family members are welcome to participate. The party begins with a “journalist” interview with a flight instructor, broadcast in “TV”. In the section of lucky draw, design of the Last Laugh increases mystery of what gift you will finally get... Hawaiian style dinner which is reserved specifically has brought a warm and festival feeling in cold winter.

Party for the students start from basketball match between Korean and Chinese students, followed by outward bound outdoor. In the evening, all gathered together to enjoy talent shows, impromptu performance of true feeling expression, brain-burning game, lucky draw, BBQ etc. It is the time that students exhibit their talents. As the party comes to the end, a melodious sound from harmonica floats in the air, which warms up the winter night, softens the heart and makes the way back home not too far away...