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In addition to providing Part 141 flight training for Chinese students, Sierra Academy also provides Part 141 flight training and Part 61 flight instructor (CFI/CFII/MEI) training for students from other countries.


PART 141 Ab-Initio Flight Training (For China)

Sierra Academy of Aeronautics is licensed by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) as well as the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to operate as a Part 141 Flight School and offers the following courses under Part 141:

Private Pilot License (PPL) – Single Engine Land        Instrument Rating (IR) – Single Engine Add-On         Commercial Pilot License (CPL) – Multi-Engine Land

65.5 Hours Flight Training                                          25 Hours Flight Training                                              120 Hours Flight Training

10.5 Hours Solo Flight                                                10 Hours Simulator Training

76 Hours Ground School Training                              95 Hours Ground School Training                               100 Hours Ground School Training

TOTAL: 231 Hours of Flight Training and 270 Hours of Ground School Training


High Performance Flight Training (For China)

Sierra Academy of Aeronautics also provides high performance training through its High-Performance aircraft C-90 King Air. The C-90 King Air is an aircraft built to transition students toward Commercial Passenger Aircraft training by providing high-altitude crew resources management training, includes:

High Performance Pilot Course (HPP) – Multi-Engine Land

20 Hours Flight Training TOTAL

135 Hours Ground School Training TOTAL

 PART 61(Link to Sierra US website)

 CFI(Link to Sierra US website)


These simulators not only can substitute a small number of hours as in real aircraft, but also provide the students with a safer and easier way to review and consolidate the courses required whenever they have some difficulties.

Sierra Academy has two FAA/CAAC certified Red Bird AATD simulators (Piper) and one full flight simulator for King Air C90 aircraft.

In addition, Sierra has 10 BATD table-top simulators, which can be used by the students to familiarize aircraft instrument and operating procedures as soon as possible at their spare time. 


Sierra Academy has a well-trained dispatch team which is responsible for confirming the flight schedule, dispatching the aircraft as required, coordinating with the maintenance department to maintain the aircraft, monitoring aircraft status, as well as refueling the aircraft in time. Sierra dispatch department works in shifts and provides services for flight training 7 days per week.


Sierra Academy recognizes the value of a fully trained and equipped aircraft maintenance department. Having an organized maintenance department means aircraft can provide better performance and greater accessibility for flight operations to continue as planned.

Our Aircraft Maintenance Department includes:

FAA Licensed A&P Mechanics
FAA Licensed IA Aircraft Inspector
Fully equipped Hangar Shop (with general & specialty tools)
Mechanic Apprentices (Future A&P Mechanics in Training)
And Mechanic Assistants
Providing 2 shifts of service, covering flight operations from sunrise to sunset

Some of the unique features that our Aircraft Maintenance department has that make Sierra

Academy special and more efficient than other flight schools, is its Avionics Repair Station and Aircraft Fuel Farm.

AVIONICS REPAIR STATION: The field of avionics involves the onboard electronic equipment needed to measure the speed, height and performance of an aircraft, as well as its navigation GPS equipment. When an aircraft is in need of avionics repairs, the aircraft will often be taken out of service for weeks or even months (depending on the type of repair needed), due to having to contact an outside service provider who is often servicing multiple other customers. However, because Sierra Academy has its own FAA certified PART 145 Repair Station, our flight school is able to make repairs and return aircraft to service in a relatively short time. This rare jewel for a flight school to have helps make Sierra Academy a more efficient and supportive operation for student pilots to succeed.

AIRCRAFT FUEL FARM: A fuel farm allows for the storage of a large amount of Aviation Gasoline (Av Gas), which enables our flight operations to continue without delay. Most flight schools rely on the services of an outside company which provides fuel to multiple customers, causing their students to wait longer to begin their flight. But at Sierra Academy, we operate our own fuel farm and fuel truck which provides service to each aircraft before take-off and upon landing; thereby, eliminating any delays for students to receive flight training.